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"As the chairperson for a charitable organization, I have worked closely with Stan since 2014 and find him to be a dedicated and focused marketing professional, with a solid background in meeting and event planning. A valuable resource, Stan understands the tasks required, but performs them with an insight to identity and address issues before them become problems. For our keystone annual celebration, Stan approaches each year with a different creative plan and strategy to improve upon the prior year’s event to ensure we avoid a repetitive, “been there, done that” event.” At the conclusion of our keystone event, Stan reviews what went well and what can be improved, and then begins to plan the next year’s event. By asking the right questions, Stan avoids mission creep by staying out of issues unrelated to the planning of our event, which in turn makes him highly efficient and productive. With his expert understanding of marketing and communications, along with a developed network of relationships, Stan uses all available resources when planning and managing our event. As the chairperson, knowing that Stan is planning and managing our keystone event, allows me and other committee persons to focus on other matters. Being proactive and likeable permits Stan to see the big picture, while orchestrating the activities of volunteers and third party vendors, each with different needs and motivations. For the last few years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know and work with Stan. His personality, humor, patience and creativity has been a big reason for the sustained popularity and growth in our organization’s annual keystone event. Simply stated, a dedicated profession that manages to keep it fresh and fun, while making the planning and managing of the event appear seamless is how I describe Stan’s talent and skill with meeting and event planning."

Vice Chairman, CYM Basketball Program at St Josephs